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Consider your social media content needs covered. Writing, creating, and posting content can be time consuming and complicated. Our full-service content solution automates your content creation with powerful, proven viral strategies.

the truth about content

As of 2024, around 62% of the world uses social media. You already know it's where your audience spends their time. If you haven't started creating content yet, or are struggling to maintain a consistent schedule, it's most likely for the following reasons.

Ultimately, most business face the same challenges

Some examples are:
You don’t know where to start
You don’t have the time in your busy schedule
You're struggling to get like, views, comments, etc
You’re overwhelmed with the number of social media platforms you need to post on
create viral posts, build your following

measurable growth

Blow up your engagement, retention, and sales with targeted social media content. The following snapshot is real client data after their first ever post went viral.

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our promise


No generic posts. We craft content that resonates with your specific audience, setting you apart from the crowd.


With our dedicated team, ensure a regular stream of high-quality content that captivates and converts.


Our adaptable subscription model ensures that it grows with your business.

content that looks amazing

The content we build doesn’t just stand out, it resonates with your audience in a deep way. Start connecting with your community and building your brand with content today.

slightwrks content work
slightwrks content work
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slightwrks content work
slightwrks content work
What’s Included

our content package

We have worked hard to make sure that this is the best social media content package out there. This is everything that we have been able to fit in the value-packed starter price. The subscription adapts based on your needs.

Tailored Viral Posts

Our team conducts in-depth trend analysis, meticulously crafts the scripts, and tests various components including hooks, copy, audios, and editing styles. This ensures that your content achieves the maximum possible reach.

Personalized Recording Support

We will deliver all necessary materials and instructions enabling you to record at your convenience. Our goal is to make content creation a hassle-free process in alignment with our motto "It's Not Hard Work".

Google Drive Management

We will manage a Google Drive dedicated to organizing your content. It will serve as a user-friendly repository, ensuring all content is well-documented, easily accessible, and efficiently stored.

Platform-Specific Posting

We will handle posting on all platforms using captions tailored to attract and funnel cold traffic to your digital assets.

AI Chatbot Integration

We propose to set up an AI chatbot across all platforms to automatically respond to leads and manage customer service. If preferred, we can also integrate this chatbot into your website.

Content Diversity

Our package includes a variety of content types, including long-form short-form reels, short-form viral formats, carousels, photos, blogs, text posts, and story posts. This comprehensive approach aims to attract new viewers, retain existing ones, and keep them continually engaged.

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Data-Driven Strategy

A team of expert marketers will be at your disposal, analyzing the performance data to identify the most effective content format for you and strategize accordingly.

Continuous Evolution

Our package is not static. We are committed to endlessly adapting our services in a bid to achieve the best possible results for you.

Advanced Reporting & Custom Dashboard

We offer a custom client dashboard, providing a unified view of how every platform and post is performing. This portal will also enable you to submit raw content and review and approve finished posts.

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12 Reels
8 text posts/polls
4 Photos
2 Bonus carousels
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Trusted by 200+ businesses

SlightWrks has transformed the way you create social media content for busin

Here's what our clients are saying:
“Since partnering with SlightWrks, the influx of leads was so overwelming we had to expand our team to keep up. Truly transformative.”
Diane Claxton | Claxton Law Group
“Since partnering with SlightWrks, the influx of leads was so overwelming we had to expand our team to keep up. Truly transformative.”
Diane Claxton | Claxton Law Group
“The SlightWrks team had been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning”
Brendan Herbert | Infinity Wellness
“SlightWrks is hands down the best agency to hire for all of your technical needs with online businesses. We successfully launched and tripled the money spent by working with them”
Allison Carmany | Soulful Evolution
“My experience working with SlightWrks was great. The quality of the work the team produced far exceed my expectation. But I’m most pleased with how they weren’t satisfied until I was satisfied.”
Eli Straw | Success Stars Within

Answers to Your questions

Get your most important questions answered below. Any other questions can be answered on one of our complimentary Discovery Calls!

Is $2000 a month too much for a content package?

We understand budget concerns, but our package offers a comprehensive, results-driven approach. Think of it as an investment. For many clients, the returns in terms of engagement and conversion have far exceeded the initial cost.

Can I get a customized package based on my business needs?

Absolutely! We start with our core package and then tailor it to fit your specific requirements, ensuring you get content that truly resonates with your brand and audience.

What if my brand is out of the ordinary/unique?

What sets Slightwrks apart is our dedication to understanding your brand and audience. We don't just create content; we craft a narrative that's aligned with your goals and vision, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.

How soon can I expect to see results from the Content Package?

While the timeframe for results can vary based on several factors, most of our clients start to notice improved engagement and reach within the first month. Our strategies are designed for both immediate impact and sustained growth.

Will I be locked into a long-term contract?

Our primary goal is to provide value and results. We will never lock you into a long term contract. Cancel at any time.

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