ClaxtonLaw + SlightWrks

Ground-up approach making full use of slightwrks services. Starting with building a multi-funnel website, then researching technology providing the best tech possible, and connecting the perfect software to make a complete user experience that seamlessly fits with all lead generation intake and marketing, ensuring a complete customer journey

Diane Claxton
July 2022

the challenge

As solo lawyer starting her first law firm. Claxton Law came to us with budget and a dream. Which over the course of 12 months turned 50k starting investment into over 1.6 million. Claxton Law had no branding, website/CRM, content or SEO, and had never advertised before.


Claxton Law went through the entire full service slightwrks system. Branding and Logo design were done immediately creating a design identity the stands unique in an ocean of lawyers. From there the web/tech team took over, creating a full optimized and easy to understand website. Moving on to create there social media templating the content process. We finally hit the ground running to with marketing through a combination of highly targeted multi-platform advertising along with influencer partnerships.


"The Slightwrks marketing team took my startup business from a handful clients to triple digits in the only a few short weeks! I recommend wholeheartedly! I had to pause advertising and hire new staff times to keep up with the overflow of clients!"

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Learn how we used the SlightWrks Method to scale a brand new law firm from $0 to over $1.6M in under 12 months.