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15 Tips to Drive Engagement and Increase Organic Growth on Instagram in 2019

The Algorithm

Instagram's algorithm does not show your post to the majority of your audience unless your post gains a certain amount of engagement. The old algorithm used to show posts in chronological order. After the update, you need to get as much engagement as you can within the first couple of minutes to an hour of posting. This will tell Instagram that your post is worthy of being seen by not just your audience, but the explore page as well.

Here's how you do that. 👇


1: Provide Value: Educate, Entertain, and Inform. Value can come in a variety of ways. Educating people is a great way to provide value. Why do you think people like to watch make-up tutorials so much? It's because they are learning something new and exciting. Entertaining people is another form of value. In doing so, you're keeping people engaged, or they are living vicariously through you and your brand. Finally, keeping people informed with the latest news and updates is an effective form of providing value. So whether your teaching people something new, keeping them up to date with news, or entertaining them with aesthetic stuff, motivational content, or a good laugh, the most important thing to do is to always provide value.

2: Consistent Content: Posting consistent content is not a one night stand. Put some love and effort into it. Doing so consistently is the Key to building a relationship with your audience. Building trust takes time, and so does building an audience. When you post a lot, you start to get your audience to expect content from you regularly. It's like when you were a kid and used to wake up early to watch that show or cartoon because you expected that content to be on at that time. Same concept. The more you post the more your audience will expect you to post, and be ready to engage when you do.

3: Hashtags: Think of each hashtag as a chance to go viral. The more hashtags you use, the more eyes you will have viewing your post. Instagram has a cap of 30 hashtags per post, so if you have 30 chances to go viral... why wouldn't you use them? A good hashtag ranges from around 10k-900k public posts. Larger hashtags are more difficult to rank in, however, in relatively smaller ones, it's easier to be a top post due to them being less crowded. Be sure to look at the engagement your currently getting from each hashtag and experiment with new ones.

4: Geotags: Using GeoTags will allow people in a certain area to find your post. Getting specific with your GeoTags is important. Keep in mind, it is harder to rank and be found in certain geotags if you don't have engagement to compete with the other users.

5: Tagging: A lot of accounts on Instagram get their content from reposting or recreating content from other users. Getting your post featured on one of these accounts is sure to drive their following to your page. Usually, these types of accounts have a certain hashtag that they want you to use, or they would rather get tagged in your post. One of the biggest examples is @Worldstar. They find content to repost by people tagging them or by using the hashtag #WSHH, #Worldstar, etc. (*another tip: if bigger accounts like your post, Instagram deems it "more important", which means it will show it to more people.)

6: Great Timing: Even though Instagram has changed its algorithm from chronological to based on engagement, it still helps to post when your followers are online. You will have a higher chance of engaging them when you post. You can check this by going to your Instagram insights and looking at the statistics given there. This is only for business accounts.

7: Call to Action in the Caption: Adding a call to action is extremely important for getting users to like and comment on your post. As we all continue to get more adept with technology, our processing speed increases. We can now process an image in a couple of seconds or less. Captions are not only for giving context to an image. They are also a reason for users to interact more with your post. Try to make your captions meaningful and eye-catching, but not too long that people say, "I'm not reading that", and scroll past it. It should also not be a meaningless caption, like an emoji or song lyrics (I'm guilty of that too). Make sure to give users a reason to engage with your caption. Give people a reason to comment. One way to do this is by asking them a question, telling them to comment on a specific phrase, etc. Get creative.


8: Reply to comments: Replying to your comments is a simple way to double the number of comments on your post. Remember what I said earlier about the more engagement your post gets, the more likely Instagram is going to promote it. Well, replying to a comment is a way to easily drive more engagement while letting your followers know you care about their input.

9: Stories: The more you are active on stories, the more Instagram will show your content to other users. Also, be sure to use your stories to promote your post. It will give a chance to users who may not have seen your post through the feed to find your post on your story and engage with it from there.

10: Engagement Groups: Engagement groups are another great way to boost your stats. These are groups of users that form a chat and agree to engage with each others content. Whenever one of the members post, they send it to group chat so that the other members will like and comment. I recommend starting these with friends, employees at your company, or just similar accounts looking to grow!

11: Post notifications: Get people to turn on your post notifications so that they may see your content as soon as you post it. Getting your followers to engage with your content within the first few minutes of your posting is a great way to beat the algorithm. @Garyvee is great at this through the use of his #60secclub. By providing a sense of community, he incentivizes his followers to consistently interact with him. This plays a big role in him successfully being able to drive a lot of engagement in that short amount of time. Find a way for you to create your own "#60secclub".

12: Giveaways: Another good way to motivate people to constantly engage with each of your posts is with the promise of free stuff. Tai Lopez is very famous for giving away cars, iPhones, etc in his giveaways. Now, giveaways are good, but only if done correctly. You see, doing giveaways for random stuff will get you followers, but not the kind that you want. Be sure what you're giving away is the kind of stuff that will convert. This means giving away stuff relevant to the target market your aiming for. For example, if you're in the fashion niche, clothes would be a good item to giveaway. In the business niche, free content is more along the lines of books and courses. The point is to give away stuff that your niche needs. That way you'll get followers who actually care about you and your brand, not just free stuff.

13: Repurpose content: Repurposing content can be great for getting engagement. All you have to do is add context relevant to your audience when posting it. You don't always have to be creating content from scratch. Recreating what you already have and adding spin to it can work great in your favor.

14: SEO: Fixing the search engine optimization for your Instagram can help you be found easier. Go to your "Name" in edit profile, and change it to something related to your niche/industry. That way when people search up what you are or something related to your niche, your account will appear in the results.

15: Automation: You may have heard of the $1.80 Strategy created by Gary Vaynerchuk. In short, the $1.80 Strategy is going to the top 10 hashtags or places in your niche, and liking and commenting meaningful comments on the top 9 posts. Contributing to your community will help you not only make a face for yourself on the platform, but it will drive engagement to your own page through curiosity and reciprocity. Now rather than spending 3 hours doing this a day, we have a software that will do it for you. It generates real followers that have been targeted in niche specific hashtags. With our advanced targeting software, our AI likes, comments, follows and unfollows users based off of hashtags, geotags, and similar accounts. With our technology and marketing experts helping you define the audience, you can be sure the engagement we provide for you will bring you followers who care about your content and want to engage with your brand.

If you are interested in having your own personal AI automate your Instagram growth, please contact us through the SlightWrks.com website!